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Richard's second talk on Tuesday 6 December 2011 was about the development of light sculpture and Quantum Relationship Art. He also talked about the
community project - Lightworks, from 2006.

QRA First Contact 2
Quantum Relationship Art - First Contact 2
Direction map to the Hepworth

Speaker list (pdf)

QRA First Contact
Quantum Relationship Art - First Contact
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Richard's first talk on Tuesday 6 September 2011 was about the development of creative expression from childhood and the joy of using the hands to make things.

Unfortunately, the website URL sometimes changes, so it's not always guaranteed my links will work! Furthermore, the talks I did were fairly early on in the development of Pecha Kucha at the Hepworth Wakefield and sadly, don't appear in the archive.

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Slide notes (pdf)
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Although the following images will not be included in the first talk, the towers were built as art works relating to the childhood experience.
Tower 1 rear side Tower 1 entrance side
Tower 2
Three towers (two shown here) were constructed in 1982-83 and exhibited at Sheffield Polytechnic as part of Richard's end of year Degree Show. It was the first time that someone had created a complete installation in a studio space and this inspired future students to create more installation work in subsequent years.

For more on the vehicles and boxes, go to the Land of Gobeyond.

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