vle page VLEs or Virtual Learning Environments are essentially online teaching and learning areas that have a number of common tools to facilitate communication, discussion, interactive learning, file sharing, marking and integration with existing organisational management systems. Other names are also used, such as: Learning Platform; Managed Learning Environment (MLE), and so on. Whilst appearance can be quite different, much functionality is shared. However, some VLEs offer more opportunities for educational organisations to link into their MIS (Management Information Systems) in order to enable 2-way student data and timetables, etc.

Another difference between VLEs is that some are hosted totally remotely and some have a server in the organisation - sometimes with remote up-date and assistance. Each of these systems has its merits: an in-house server can provide faster access and easier integration with existing MIS; an externally hosted server is maintained by someone else, is very secure with back-ups and will usually have 24/7 monitoring. VLE Checklist and a personal view.

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