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eLearning Central (eLC) is an educational resource portal developed by Richard Gentle to bring together, and provide access to, some of the most useful information and resources connected to education and learning that currently exists on the web.

Vehicles - The Race
Creative Play - Learning in Context

After several years working in the educational sector, I realised how challenging it could be to keep informed of what was, and is, going on. Along with all of the usual curriculum changes, the ICT revolution is now an integral component of education at all levels. Having worked in School, College and University education since 1985 and been involved with elearning development in various ways from 2001 to 2012, I decided to create a central area for information and links to as many informative websites that I could find to help those looking for information and resources for their teaching and learning.

Of course, I may not have found all of the useful websites and information available so if you know of some that should be included here, please contact me with information via the contact button lower down this page. Current events...

"We don't teach kids to understand how their beliefs shape the world. Kids create these beliefs that cascade and build up on each other and without knowing it, it leads to so many of the ills that all of us have as adults - I'm not worthy, I'm not enough, I'm not important, I can't do it. These are the four biggest diseases in human society." - Vishen Lakhiani (Founder of Mind Valley)

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Latest items added to the site

Inspired Teaching and Learning
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Can technology replace teachers? (es) Dec 2016

Girls and Their Frenemies - By Linda Stade (es) Sept 2016

Everyone is born creative, but it is educated out of us at school (es) brief article with links - currently shown October 2016

Class size matters a lot, research shows (es) from 2014 but reposted Sept 2016

'Three Rs' on the decline as a quarter of adults have a reading age so low they struggle to read a bus timetable (es) August 2016

5 Effective Uses Of Mobile Technology In The Classroom (es) August 2016

The importance of creative education: why making is as important as maths, reading and science (es) August 2016

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Archive of Previous Topics

Creative Facilitator

If you would like a creative facilitator (at the normal daily supply rate) to help you and your class* to create things like these items from the Land of Gobeyond...

creative montage

...and you are able to provide the location space, people, tools and materials - contact me. (CV Info here.)

*Terms and conditions apply - please read here.

Or you may like to try creating some light sculpture:

Light Sculpture

A personal view on one alternative for future education
The beginning of a vision by Richard Gentle on the direction education could take with the right understanding and leadership. (Other links to other views also included).


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